Warehousing & Distribution Capabilities

Warehousing and Distribution

Privately owned and operated, Brook Warehousing Systems utilizes over forty years experience in warehousing, transportation, and customer service to offer incomparable advantages to its clients. Brook provides safe, clean, and secure facilities staffed with experienced professionals who are continually quality trained to meet the exacting service needs of each of our clients.


Brook maintains relationships with a network of carriers and brokers, when servicing our Clients' transportation needs. Brook can provide competitive pricing and quality service through these long-standing strategic business alliances.


Chemical Warehousing

Brook specializes in storage and handling of packaged chemicals, including Red Label. Our commitment to safe and compliant distribution ensures that we pursue our customers' Responsible Care(r) initiatives. We are an industry leader in keeping our customers in total compliance with all local, state and federal hazardous chemical warehousing and distribution regulations.

General Merchandise & Chemical Distribution

Brook can warehouse products for many types of industries including General Merchandise for the Consumer, Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Chemical, Cosmetic, Food, Electronics, Retail, Industrial and Automotive. We manage overflow storage for nearby manufacturing plants as well as direct distribution to their customers. Whether it's general merchandise distribution or chemical distribution services that you're interested in, you can trust Brook Warehouse and their 40 years of warehousing and distribution experience.

Contract Warehousing

Brook's unique approach to setting up a contract warehouse gives the customer the flexibility it needs to ensure that cost-effective warehouse operations are established to meet customer requirements.


U.S. Customs Bonded Warehousing

Companies requiring this service can expect that their products are stored in a designated area that meets strict U.S. Customs requirements. Current bonded space is approved at 10,000 square feet. View our NJ bonded warehouse locations here.

Cross Docking/Just-In-Time Shipping

We handle time-sensitive material transfer from inbound receipt through domestic delivery to high profile consignees.

Reverse Logistics

Brook can offer the return of goods from their typical destination, for purposes of recovering value in those goods or arranging for proper disposal or disposition.


Transportation, documentation, and freight handling procedures are in place to service your international shipping requirements.

Customized Inventory Control

Options include, but are not limited to: LIFO, FIFO, Lot Control, Product Substitution, Serial Number Tracking and Back Order Requests.

Compliance Labeling

We provide pre-formatted, as well as customized labels to comply with consignee requirements.


Brook owns all types of specialized equipment to facilitate handling of all types of freight, from slip-sheets and box clamps to paper roll clamps and drum clamps.


• General Merchandise Distribution
• Available to Provide Service 24/7/365
• Swing Loads/Crossdocking
• Stretchwrapping
• Palletizing/Repalletizing
• Labeling (Address, P.O. Customer Code, Bar Coding) Cases/Pallets
• Packaging (Inspections, Relabeling, Remove & Repack, etc.)
• Pallet Repairs
• Blocking and Bracing
• Certificate of Analysis Management
• MSDS Management
• Customized Reporting
• Management of Product Disposal—Hazardous and Non-Hazardous
• Temperature Controlled Storage
• Hazardous Materials Storage
• Physical Inventory/Cycle Count
• Imports/Exports
• Regulatory Training

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